Why is this coffee so impressive?
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We listened to our grandma!

The secret is in the mix

miseco® is a high-tech company based in Southern Germany. We provide our customers with agitator system solutions customised to their respective sector and individual needs. And we know exactly what is required:  extremely thorough and energy-efficient mixing of the mix – and that is exactly why our unique, patented miseco® disc, already used by countless small and large companies all over the world, stands out from the rest.

As required, we will adapt the disc to meet your individual requirements and develop customised solutions for you. So get in touch with us now – we would be delighted to respond to your enquiries!

We listened to grandma

The secret is in the mix

The patent of miseco

Small cause - large effect

The efficient and energy-saving miseco® disc Agitator System is a slow-running, hollow-body stirrer with a weight-efficient disc shape for stirring liquid to high-viscosity media - so it can be used by different applications and industries. Due to its unique design, inherent flow dynamics are produced by the patented miseco® disc in the tank which enable a complete mixing of the mixture within an extremely short time. No baffles are required to produce a flow.

Fast, gentle and resistant to scaling


The miseco® disc agitator system meets all the specific requirements for food production. In addition to technical material and processing aspects (FDA-compliant design, ground materials etc.), these primarily include homogeneous mixing at a low rotating speed, gentle agitation and excellent thermal transfer to the medium in question. An additional feature is the inherent flow dynamics that prevent dead zones and scaling in the tank. The miseco® disc system is therefore also particularly suitable for products containing fruit and foodstuffs that need to be heated or cooled.



By the way:

The oscillating product flow means that additives introduced from above are also quickly and homogeneously mixed in. At the end of the process, the agitator is easily cleaned using spray nozzles without any need for baffles.



Usable agitators

  • Top-mounted agitators
  • Container-agitators
  • Lifting agitators

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As a young and expanding company we always look for staff reinforcement. If you are interested to become a part of our success story, then we are looking forward to getting your application!